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    Review: Day of Infamy

    World War II is a conflict that inspired many a video game. How could it have not? It was the biggest conflict in human history, covering the largest geographical area and involving a lot…

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    Review: Tank Battle: 1944

    We like to categorize things and put round-shaped objects into round-shapes holes. Its what lets us build a catalogue of all the species on the planet but it is not necessarily a useful habit…

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    Review: Firefight

    It’s all too easy to dismiss Firefight as a cheap Close Combat knock-off. Trust me, I’ve done it myself: Way back when the first edition was released, back when most people got their demos…

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    Review: Jutland Pro

    For a miniatures flunky, you might notice I play a lot of computer wargames. Given in pewter pusher circles I’m sort of a Renaissance man due to my playing multiple periods of history (most…